Brilliant Catch By Pujara and Mehidy Hasan Gone

By | November 23, 2019

Brilliant Catch By Pujara and Mehidy Hasan Gone

Ishant to Mehidy Hasan, out Caught by Pujara!! This almost happened without anyone taking notice, including the umpires. So much so that, a clean catch has been referred upstairs just for the telly umpire to confirm that its a legal catch.

Clever from Ishant Sharma, previous delivery he bowled back of a length and outside off and now he gets it full on the pads of Mehidy Hasan. Any batter would treat that as a gimme and Mehidy Hasan’s no different. He flicks nonchalantly off his front foot, only to realize seconds later that its been pouched by a diving mid-wicket fielder.

Here is the clip of that video:

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